Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 Recap

Here we go again! Now we are counting down the days with advent until Christmas and the New Year's and we can start it all over again. In the meantime, here is a recap on all that we have done in the month of November:

Exercise – a few runs, a few elliptical, some swimming

Books, Magazines Read – I survived the Shark attack of 1912; Mothering, Creating Keepsakes

Entertainment – TV, Movies, Live events seen
- Paperclipping Round Table podcasts,
- Modern Family, Big Break,19 Kids and Counting
- Babies; Children from Heaven; The Buttercreme Gang; Meet Bill; The Baxter; Barbie in A Fashion Fairy tale;

Special Events
- birthday parties (Catherine D, Alyssa, Leilah and Brennan, Natalie)
- parent teacher interviews
- Santa Claus Parade (20th)
- skate event through Nana's work (21st)
- Drew work Christmas party (27th)
- Melissa's work party (28th)

Travel – n/a

Financial (significant/ unusual purchases, gifts) -
- deposit on new kitchen cabinet doors
- birthday parties (mosaic crafts, silly bands, barbie mermaid movie and dolls, toy story chalk, gift cards)

Household (renovations/ changes etc)-
- electrical done (bathroom/ kitchen nook)
- light switches on main floor changed
- water softener fixed!!!
- preparing for new kitchen cabinet doors
- garage ready for winter and van to be put in

Health/ Development -
Drew - skin doctor appointment
Alison - wart on thumb ewww!!!
Matthew - Dr B appointment for zittles
Marlee - tooth out; eye appointment
Mitchell - sitting independently, exploring fingers, tongue; creeping
Cierra - sore foot

- Beatles music added to itunes
- November To Do List a success

That's it in a nutshell! Now I'm off to finish my month-end tasks!

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