Thursday, December 30, 2010

What happened to advent? and Christmas recap

Well what can I say. Here it is Janaury 5th and I am just getting back into things. I failed miserably when it came to keeping it all up for Christmas. By that I mean all of my aspirations for Advent and family togetherness and daily activities. But we survived. I think the kids have gained some good new memories. And I guess in the end I kept it simple. Real simple. By not doing much at all. I guess you could say I lost my mojo which is all too common around here. Lesson learned? Don't stop planning for the half way point assuming you'll have time to plan the second half. It doesn't happen. And 4 variations of advent? A little too much. Next year we will be focusing on a lot less. Trust me.

That being said, we had a great Christmas!!!
Highlights? My sister and her husband and my new niece came up for a week. Macy is lovely and it was really nice to see her new parents in action. They are doing well! We went down to see my brother and his family as well and I really enjoyed the 2 hour car ride to just talk. We all need that once in a while.

As for Christmas, the kids got their usual loot despite the fact that we keep meaning to do less. I look in Matt's room and literally turn around and walk out. I am overwhelmed. I am SOOOO glad we didn't do birthday presents from friends again this year. It could be worse. What is actually worse is that he gets that hoarding gene from me and my side of the family. I am not sure how to help him with it. Matt did get his DSI XL (he has been sure to correct us on that name a few times btw - despite the fact that we all know what it is already bud!). He also got lego, clothes, a calendar and a Guinness World Records book. All he recognizes that he got is the DSI. Oh and he loves his new housecoat too. Go figure.

Marlee got a large barbie dollhouse. NOT the official Barbie one but the imaginarium one. We really pondered over this one but thought it was sturdier and that she would like the elevator. After it was assembled she did tell us it wasn't the one she wanted. Uh huh I thought so. But (as we discussed with her) once it is assembled there is no taking it back. She also got some clothes and assorted dolls and clothes. Her big haul was in a HUGE crate filled with craft supplies from my mom. She is set for crafts for the year. Now we just have to figure out where to store it all.

Mitchell was jipped by us. He got Sophie the giraffe. He did love the wrapping paper and being a part of it all. AND he is only 9 months old. He got a tonne of great clothes from family as well as a few toys - some keys, a book and a talking book as well. He is more than happy.

Cierra fared well as well. She got a new tv, some DVD's, clothes, books and more. AS long as some had Hannah Montana and Eclipse faces (which they did) she was happy. Oh and did we mention that she watch Eclipse 8 times one weekend while she was away? that's what her holiday is all about!

Drew and I didn't do too badly either. Poor Drew - he never fares quite as well as me. But then that is because he spoils me. What can I say. I am happy he gets a bonus from work. He TOTALLY surprised me by getting me an ipad!!!! I had talked about how some day I'd like to get one - it seemed like something up my alley but that the cost was above our means for a while. So it was a big surprise to get one. And then I also got the one thing on my list I had really been wanting - a digital frame. Not only one but three!!! And they say communication is strong in our family! We will be putting them all to use though. There are more than enough pictures to share around the house. I particularly want to add my digital scrpabooking pages. It's a great way to show them off. Drew got a variety of clothes - sweaters primarily, some gift cards and the usual scavenger hunt to find them. I like to think it is more for the kids but it also spreads out his gift a little since there aren't usually too many ideas when his list is seen by the rest of the family.

We joined both of our families at my parents house for dinner and fellowship on Christmas day.

And a happy 9th month Mitchell (backtrack to see more on that)

All in all though it was a pretty good Christmas break. We had several days following where we literally did nothing. Total pajama days, no work, a lot of lounging. It was great. Also no family picture by the tree or the fireplace or anywhere for that matter. No Christmas letter written or mailed either.

We may have been a little too lazy because some of us (mainly me) ended up getting sick. We need to remember to get outside too for some fresh air! Mitchell's fever ended up being about 2 new teeth but Marlee, Drew and I have all had sore throats, headaches, chills and coughs. We've been getting to bed early and I have even been taking naps during the day. Must be bad when that happens. Hopefully this will pass soon. As for now I have to admit that I am glad that the kids are back to school and we can get the house back into shape. It needs some work! Not to mention purging. TTFN!

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