Monday, December 6, 2010

Memory Monday - crafting through the years

I recently listened to the Paperclipping Round Table Episode 31 where it questioned
"Why do some people dabble in a variety of paper crafts (and other types of arts and crafts) while others stick to a very specific craft? What is it that attracts you to some crafts but not to others? Which did you start with and why did you branch out?"

I certainly fall into the first camp and it got me thinking about all of the different crafting experiences I have been into and how that has evolved for me.

Here is a trip down memory lane:

Remember the fabric painting (I made a few quilts and bibs from these)?

Cross stitching (I loved Ziggy!)
Rug hooking (I made a few pillows and some small rugs)

And then there was
  • embroidery (some table cloths - I didn't last too long with this one)
  • making doll furniture (more on that another time)
  • knitting (sweaters while on night shift in university)
  • sewing and mending
  • colouring and cutting - file folder games for work

which has now led to

  • card making
  • scrapbooking and of course
  • blogging.

As I look around me, I have definitely gotten my influence from my mother. Ever since I can remember, she has been "creating".

There were

  • silk screened Christmas cards
  • banners for church
  • embroidery
  • making dolls (includes embroidery)
  • smocking (dresses)
  • sewing and mending (clothes, costumes you name it)
  • pottery (dishes, vases, decorations)
  • Macrame
  • upholstery (recovers furniture)

And I'm sure there is more! Awesome thing is is that she is still crafty - she sews more than anyone I know. She occasionally pots and still makes Raggedy Ann dolls for anyone having a baby. Thanks mom for the inspiration!

Oh - one another note - I loved the comment from the show where (I think) Izzy reminded his son? that "back in our day when we wanted to learn I had to go to the library" (not like these days with google at our fingertips) oh yeah and we had to WALK 10 miles to get there too! Such a good show- thanks for the memories!

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