Monday, December 6, 2010


Monday December 6 - 'twinkle'
Our decorations are missing something. We'll decorate the mantle today and have a special Christmas story (read on) by the fireplace. Don't forget the stockings! Today is also Saint Nicholas Day. Read the history of Saint Nicholas. Tonight before you go to bed, put out your shoes with some carrots and apples in the them. See if there is a surprise in the morning.

Picture: ladder
Scripture: Genesis 28: 10-22
Reading:Jacob had not always been a good person. He had done some unkind things, but instead of saying he was sorry, Jacob ran away. He lived away from his family for many years, but now it was time to meet with his brother. He had to face up to the things he had done wrong many years before.
When Jacob ran away from his family, he may have thought that he was running away from God, too. The night before he was going to see his brother, God spoke to Jacob in a dream. God reminded Jacob of promises God had made to Jacob's father and grandfather, and that those promises were meant for Jacob, too.
Jacob thought that he had run away from God, but God was always with him.
Talk about: How do you know that God is always with you?
Prayer: Remind us each day, God, that you are with us.

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