Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tuesday, December 7 – 'glory' - Give glory to God for our many blessings. Find 5 toys each that we can pass on to others

Picture: coat
Scripture: Genesis 37: 1-36; 50: 15-21
Reading: Sometimes even love cannot protect us from bad things. Joseph was loved very much by his father, Israel (Jacob), but Joseph's brothers hated him. And so they sold him to a man who made him a servant and even put him in prison.
But God had given Joseph a special gift of understanding dreams, and Joseph was able to use his special gift to help others. He was rewarded for his help by being given a very important job. While he was doing this job, he again met his brothers, who did not recognize him. Even though Joseph could have been mean to his brothers, he chose to help them. He knew that even though he had gone through some terrible times, God had been with him through everything, and God still expected him to do good things.
Talk about: Who can you be kind to today?
Prayer: God of forgiveness, help us to be kind even to people who make us angry.

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