Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Matty!!

I've now been a mother for 8 official years. Wow. And what have I learned? I still have a lot to learn. That's what.

I still need to learn...
  • To be patient. More.

  • That my voice doesn't have to raise a few octaves when I am speaking to my kids.

  • To get money (? that's Matt's answer - more on THAT later)

  • To have more joy (more on that later too)

  • To remember that it doesn't last long. And I will wish for it back. Even the tough stuff.

  • To remember that hair is only hair and eventually it will be cut (right?)

  • That he is a typical young boy - in every manner of the word.

  • That he is very much like me (which can be a good and a bad thing)

  • That when you teach independence - it means he will want to assert his independence (right?)

  • That there is no better job in the world.

  • That there is nothing I'd rather be doing.

  • That I can still learn a lot more and work towards being a better mom and parenting is an ever-learning experience.
Phew. Now that that is done, we'll get on to the good stuff. Who is Matt right now at the ripe old age of 8?

  • "I'm a boy. I am your son. That is who I am."

  • Who wants to abandon his booster seat (which he now can on occasion)

  • Weighs 60 lbs and is 51" (4 ft 3") tall

  • Is involved in Sunday School, play practice, ice hockey

  • Has at least one after school play date a week

  • Is into shaggy long hair, thumbs out and open mouth pictures

  • Is into being very loud!

  • Who enjoys school and learning

  • Who still loves lego but also Wii, and mostly his new DSIxL

  • Who fiercely loves his brother and SOMETIMES his sisters too

And a few of his favourite things (in his words):

What is your favourite cereal? fruit loops (which he like never gets!)

What's your favourite TV show? Scooby Doo

What vegetables do you like best? corn

What toy would you never give away? wii

What do you take to bed at night? nothing

What's your favourite game? Super Mario galaxy 2

What's your favourite book? 39 clues book series

What is your favourite candy? gum

What's the last thing of yours that Mom displayed? wii signs

Happy Birthday buddy! We are so proud and glad to have you as our son!

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