Thursday, December 9, 2010

I just wanted to say...

  • Thanks for picking up my pictures at Costco this week
  • Thank you for putting up with the "mess" in our bedroom
  • Thank you for snowblowing the driveway yesterday before going to work
  • Thank you for coming home and immediately making dinner yesterday because I ??? (what was I doing again?)
  • Thank you for encouraging me when I felt I "didn't accomplish anything" yesterday
  • Thank you for taking interest in yourself to stay fit and run - even in -24 degree weather. I wouldn't.
  • Thank you for putting out the garbage today
  • Thank you for taking time away from work to get my winter tires on for me today
  • Thanks for sharing your sunny d with me
  • Thank you for being you
  • Thank you for loving me!

(some credit for inspiration to Rebecca Cooper Real.Life.Scrapbooking)

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