Friday, December 3, 2010


Friday, December 3 - 'service'
"Ring-ring-ring your bells ring them loud and clear! To tell the people everywhere that Christmas time is here". Tonight we head to Walmart to man the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle .
What a night. It was a really good experience. We certainly learned a few things though. 3 hours is too long for the little guys. Drew was dreading Walmart but thank goodness it was there and not Zehrs because there was a MacDonald's which killed 45 minutes for them. Cierra and I started while Drew had dinner with the kids. Drew then took a turn while I had dinner and got some photos developed. Drew then walked around with the kids while Cierra and I manned the bell. He came back after 1/2 hour exasperated with them so I took over while he and Cierra continued on. I have to say that Cierra was truly amazing. She was there the longest out of all of us. She didn't complain at all and I think she boosted the givings by at least 30%. She said Merry Christmas to just about everyone - and just about everyone responded - positively. And many came back to donate I'm sure because of her. I was so impressed. We went back afterwards to buy a magazine to thank her. This is definitely something that she and I will come back to do again - and I think she could do an additional sitting with her 1:1 worker. I think we might wait another year or two for the other guys although I am still glad we did it and that we were all able to do it as a family. (Btw Mitchell was amazing too. Drew had him for the first bit and then I had him in the sling at the door for about 45 minutes. Not a squawk).

Picture: tent and camel

Scripture: Genesis 12: 1-7
Reading: Sometimes God asks us to do things that are hard to do. God asks us to be good when it would be so much easier--and sometimes more fun--to be naughty. God asks us to go places and do things we'd rather not do.
God asked Abram to take a long trip, and to leave behind the place that Abram called home. But in return, God made promises to Abram. God promised that Abram would be blessed by God. Abram still had problems and struggles, especially when he forgot to listen to God's directions, but God kept all of the promises made to Abram. Most importantly, God was Abram's friend forever.
Talk about: Name some ways that God shows you what God wants you to do.
Prayer: Holy God, help us to obey you and do the things that you want us to do.

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