Friday, December 31, 2010

December 2010 Recap

Here we are at the end of another month and yes, another year. The usual phrase, where did the time go still applies. Crazy. But life is good. First I will introduce my monthly recap and then perhaps if my memory allows, a more succinct yearly follow-up. My December daily/ advent etc didn't quite go as planned [well maybe it did - but I had hoped to do better =( ] Anyway, enough of that. Here goes:

Exercise: I actually did okay in this area. That is thanks to getting up at 6am with Mitchell and Cierra and being a little more disciplined then usual. It involved the elliptical trainer and the treadmill. No outdoor running in this weather baby!

Books: I leafed through a few more baby sleep books (doing much better in this area though); CK Magazine, and little else. I did read Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett. It was an easy read and actually makes a lot of sense. We are attempting to go this route with Mitchell. I was feeling really down about not reading "for me" though so I picked the most opportune time (2 days before Christmas) and started reading Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers . I finally finished it yesterday. It was really good.Emotional - I had a few good cries! I have the sequel on hold at the library. Exciting news here too - I have already downloaded some ebooks onto the ipad. I can't wait to explore those! I also cancelled my membership after I finished up my available credits. I've been wrestling with the notion of paying for books I'll read or listen to once when they are available for free at the library or now on the Internet. Regardless, I now have lots of reading available for the new year (like that's ever been a problem).

Entertainment (TV, Movies, Live Events):

  • The Office, NCIS, Parenthood, Modern Family, 19 Kids and Counting, and a few miscellaneous TLC specials I had taped

  • Polar Express, Elf, Toy Story 3 (LOVED it), Scooby Doo, 10 Items or Less

  • Kids play "Back to the Manger"x3 productions

Special events:

  • Helped out with Salvation Army Christmas kettle (3rd)

  • Church Christmas dinner (where we were 1 of 3 families with young children) (4th)

  • 5 bus snow days for Cierra (6th, 7th, 8th, 14,th, 16th)

  • Baby Group 8th Christmas party (18th)

  • Family Skate (19th)

  • Matthew's 8th birthday and party (22nd)

  • Sarah, John and Macy up to visit from South Carolina (23rd-29th)

  • Christmas services

  • Matt in hockey camp (27th-31st)

  • extended family photos (27th)


  • Al, Marlee, Mitchell, Sarah, John and Macy to see Sean and family (27th)


  • Snow blower fixed

  • Christmas

  • birthday parties (Matthew to Chloe - remote control car)

  • dedication to adoptive family at church; meal to 2 families (new baby, to-be mom on bed rest)

  • Drew changed cars (used Clark's audi in meantime and got a Volvo.....)

Household Changes: n/a


  • Marlee - fever at end of month

  • Mitchell - teeth #3, 4, 5, 6; first antibiotic for infection in right cheek (11th); 20 lbs 10 oz; fever at end of month

Other: n/a

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