Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The daily transportation dilemma

Living in the great white north presents some interesting challenges with an infant. 2 years ago when I walked my friend's school aged kids to school so she could stay with her baby, I had no idea what a favour I was providing!

So now that winter is coming to a close I'm going to walk you through my daily options and their pros and cons.

At first the sling was the primary way to go. He was little, compact and oh so cute. I'd walk to school, he'd then nurse when we got home and he'd go down for a nap. Depending on our afternoon plans this worked then as well. Often I'd walk with him in the stroller and take him out in the sling once we got to the park. Then winter came and the sling doesn't work so well over the heavy winter coat.

So we tried the wrap sling. Okay but he started to fall asleep and I couldn't get him out and then transferred. And he hated having a blanket over him so it was bad if it was windy (and it often is).

So I tried the back pack a few times. Another great option except for when he fell asleep. And then he wouldn't transfer and then we'd have a lousy morning...

So most days it became the 3-wheeled stroller. It is hard to push through the snow and many days we had to walk on the road because there was just too much on the sidewalks. Mitchell was usually in his car seat and the wind protector worked well. Some days he would transfer into the house in his seat, other days not.

When a friend offered his sled, I put it off but then finally decided to give it a try. I had a few plastic sleds but since he couldn't sit up right I didn't think it would work. I wasn't sure that the car seat would stay on one either as I had seen other people do it. Mitchell couldn't sit up in this one very well either but he did fall asleep after all. He didn't get a good sleep and since most of the roads we cross have no snow by the end of the day I wasn't all that happy with this option.
I think I need a convertable stroller/ sled.

I hate to admit but I resorted to the kiss and ride many more times then I would like to admit. It was just so much easier to put him in his car seat and drive and drop the kids off. I could then leave him in his seat for his nap. But I feel like such a hypocrite every time I do it.

And then just last week I had a few extra kids and we had to try something new. L is too little to walk on her own so I was going to use our double wide stroller. However the wheel was flat and I couldn't get it fixed in time. So Mitchell went on my back, L went in the blue stroller and L was able to stand on the back bar. You do what ya gotta do. Mitchell actually fell asleep, transferred off my back and stayed asleep like this for 45 minutes. He must have been really tired.

When I had L again the following week I decided to try yet another option. The wagon. This time Mitchell went in his car seat in the wagon and L sat beside him. It actually worked quite well.

I'm not too sure what I am going to do when Mitchell graduates out of his car seat. That day is coming quickly. But then again so is the snow. Finally. I usually love the winter but I admit that I am ready for it to be gone and to move on to perhaps a more easy season when it comes to transportation. Whatever happens I guess I know I have enough options don't I?

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