Sunday, February 27, 2011

I love my dog - LOAD211 Day 27

Today's prompt was a freebie - do as we wish. I left it down to the wire so I did a quick digi page.

The journaling reads:I swore that we would never get another dog. Berkeley had been gone for almost 5 months and we were asked to look after Diva for Kim and Kerry while they waited to find a new house. In the meantime they were living at Kim’s parents’ house in their basement. Umm... I guess so. I couldn’t have been more completely shocked. After getting over the fact that we could not leave ANY food out AT ALL we were hooked. Although I couldn’t walk her with the kids (too much pulling), she did get me out running on my own. At 6 years of age she was already trained and lost a lot of the puppy behaviour. She didn’t bark and she didn’t shed and she was so good around the kids! Let’s just say that I love this dog and would keep her in a minute if we had to. THAT is saying A LOT. She ended up staying with us for about 5 months and I was really sad to see her go. January 2009

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