Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Day Fun - LOAD Day 24

Today's prompt was to use a checklist. Check.

Journaling reads:
Checklist for Family Day Fun:
Alison - walk across the lake a
Marlee - go skating a
Matthew - attend birthday party a
Drew - play hockey X
Cierra - eat at a restaurant a
Mitchell - go along for the ride a

Once we got organized we ended up having a great day. It usually takes us a while to get our plans sorted out and get ourselves moving. We really enjoy our down time sometimes more than anything else. This time we wanted to try to work around everyone’s goals rather then waste the day away. While all of the events but the birthday party were geared to involve the whole family it didn’t really end up that way. No one wanted to venture across the lake with me so I went by myself. The family that was coming over to play hockey ended up cancelling and the ice rink wasn’t really conducive to a full hockey game. Marlee and Cierra got their skating in and we ended up ordering Pizza Pizza in (Cierra’s pick) instead of going out. Mitchell did just come along for the ride but thoroughly enjoyed himself. In the end, it all began and ended with family and that is what counts. February 21, 2011

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