Sunday, February 6, 2011

five Load Day 6

five Load Day 6
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Take some inspiration from our stash of inspiration.... This was inspired by a sketch in a sketch book...

Journaling reads: Our baby girl is 5! She has been waiting for this day for several weeks - no actually a few months (I think she is learning that from Cierra!). She was so glad that her cousins would be able to join her at "her cottage" for her birthday.

We had an easy-peasy day - Nan and Ya-ya were still up and we opened a few presents from family (all cool clothes like a skirt, pants, vest and jacket made by Grandma and awesome boots from Ya-Ya) and then the cousins came in the afternoon. She helped decorate the cake she picked out from the Superstore with lollipops and candles. She and I plan on spending some 1:1 time shopping together for her gift from us later in the week.

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