Thursday, February 10, 2011

I hate hanging pictures!

What a frustrating job!

This was my first attempt - not impressed! Why is it that it takes so much work? Getting out the drill, the screws, the plugs, the drill bits, the broom, the level. And it still looks like this. I would love to use the tape stuff but I tried it downstairs on a picture with Plexiglas and it ended up falling down. Thank goodness it was carpeted! These are above hardwood and it wouldn't be a pretty picture if you know what I mean (pun intended lol!).

BTW these are the "year-end "pictures that I make for all of us and our family members. With the new addition this past year I needed to add another frame - but that only made 4 and you are always supposed to put these in odd numbers right? So I quickly made the 5th one a showcase for our latest family portrait with some paint and number stickers. I'm also attempting to take a family photo each month this year (harder then you would think) so that I can do them up in a similar way to the other ones.

After I figured out that it was just the wire that needed to be adjusted (still not that easy), I got the end result I wanted.

Not totally perfect but they never are around here. At least they are up.

But this is the best reward...

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