Sunday, February 13, 2011

A series of unfortunate events...

Finally got us to a great day of skiing...

Phew - what a day! Drew and Cierra and Matthew all headed off to church this morning leaving Mitchell and Marlee and I at home because of Marlee's chicken pox. I took Mitchell out for a quick run/ walk before they left so he ended up having a good nap. Marlee and I hung out doing odds and ends until the guys returned for lunch. We did up soup and grilled cheese and then started to get ready for skiing. Dad offered to come to our house to stay with Mitchell and Cierra since they couldn't go there (mom's medication advises specifically against chicken pox exposure!). He got here at 3 and we headed out at 3:22.
Marlee was upset by the time we rounded the corner because we forgot her little bag with snack and accessories. Oh well - we were on the move! She promptly fell asleep after a few tears anyway.
10 minutes later we realized that we didn't have Matt's ski boots. Back we go. And that led to the discussion about each of us being responsible for our own things and yet looking out for each other (I forgot my boots 2 weeks ago remember?). Not sure that we have this solved but we considered some alternatives.
We pulled in at 3:56 and raced the kids to their respective lessons. Made it! And left poor Darryl waiting as we went back for our stuff.
But we both had to go the washroom. Now or on our way back? On our way back. Got our stuff and stopped in (on our way would have been WAY easier - less stuff to take!!!). "7 minutes" later we joined Darryl to go up the hill.
And my boots don't fit. I forgot to get the bindings adjusted after the rentals last time. MANNN!! I sent the boys up ahead and finally 10 minutes later we were on the hill
It was beautiful. Mild weather, few skiers, good company.
After their lessons we got a few more runs in
(and we had a wipe out getting off the chair lift - thank goodness for helmets -
I put my pole in Marlee's way and down we went).
Then we headed home to a hungry boy and dinner waiting for us. Thanks dad!
And here's to (hopefully) some more days like today where YES we can get over some unfortunate events and move on to bigger and better things.

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