Monday, February 7, 2011

What has been lost has been found!

Have you ever misplaced something and had it really bug you? Yes it happens to me all the time. But depending on the item, I actually pray about it and believe me, I have faith that many of these items will "come back to me". Case in point, last year I misplaced my church keys - huge inconvenience - but I found them! Silly place - they were in Mitchell's backpack which I was sure I had checked, but yes, after probably 4 months, they were found.

The last item I had misplaced was Mitchell's blue Flip diaper cover. It has been driving me nuts! I know we had it in September after his 4 months pictures but then.... Then this past week we seemed to all of a sudden only have 4 or 5 diaper covers. We normally have about 15? I asked Drew... no idea. Last night I was in the bathroom and mentioned it to the kids and Cierra atually showed me that they were in the bathroom drawer with all the bathing suits. Uhh huhh??? And no, I didn't put them there. I have NO idea why she would choose to put them there. But hey, I'm glad they were found.

Then I woke up this morning thinking, if she put them there this time then maybe.... and YES the blue cover was there along with another one! YEYYYY!!!!

So from this strange little story one can know that I get great JOY from simple answers of prayer. And yes, God does answer prayer - in His own sweet time. Either way Thanks!!!

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  1. This morning I took your advice and prayed that we'd find our missing shed key. This afternoon it showed up in the washing machine, even though I know I checked all of the pockets. God is good!