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The VW van - LOAD Day 19

LOAD 19 the VW van
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The prompt today was to find inspiration from the photo of an art journal that was provided. I thought it fit in with the whole hippy flower VW thing, it was red etc etc.

Journaling reads: The VW van. I don't remember the van but I certainly remember lots of stories about it! Hidden journaling has the stories.
Mom and dad bought the van in Snow Lake in the early 1970'2s (they had it when Sean joined our family).

Mom made red and white bold print curtains for it although they didn't use them much.

The heater never worked properly and they were forever trying to get it fixed. On one occasion after getting it fixed while in Thompson (150 miles/ 3 hours away) , mom and Aunt Pualine were excited to each buy a rubber tree from the local Woolworth's. Of course the heater broke again on the way home. They each had one leaf on the tree by the time they got home.

When mom and Aunt Pauline made the monthly trek to get groceries in Thompson we would either be in car seats or they would sometimes take out the middle seat and put in a playpen to keep us in. [Oh how times have changed! How I wish sometimes we could do this!]

After we moved to Barrie my mom took a picture of the van in our driveway with the snow up to the roof topand sent it to our friends back in Snow Lake. We used to think we had snow in Snow Lake! We were supposed to be moving south!

The van blew the drive shaft in Happy Landing on their way to or from Thunder Bay one year. We ended up spending a week at the home of dad's first girlfiend Sue and her family in North Bay while it got fixed.

The van was sold a year or so after that.

My dad has been known to refer to that time as their hippie days (imagine mom with her long straight hair, flowery clothes...).

While I don't remember having the van specifically I love having the pictures and personally I think it was quite cool to have had it.

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