Monday, February 28, 2011


I am about 1/3 of the way through The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I am finding it so enlightening. Why? This year I chose ‘JOY’ as my One little Word. How come? Primarily because often when I reflect on my day I see that I did not project a whole lot of joy. I have always been a “plateau” type person when it comes to emotions but recently I have been pondering the fact that as a Christian people are supposed to see a light in me. Are they? I doubt it. Not that I am a negative person per se – maybe around my family where I have a definite set of standards and am way too controlling. But the average person or my friends? I remember that when I worked at the bank, customers would remind me to smile…. I don’t think I am that way as much now – I do have people at the kids school that think I am always happy. That is cool. I just want to feel that way and be that way around my family – the people who count the most. IN reality I feel that I am content but am interested in how I might show it more. Soooo… I heard about this book and it is indeed very interesting because in most cases Happy = Joy.

One question that has come up (I am going to go back and pick put points that I have missed earlier but for now…) is to question what I do for fun. What do I find fun?

And it may seem unusual but I think is my list:
· Watching musicals and singing along
· Reading a good book
· Scrapbooking and recording memories
· Reading about other people’s lives – biographies, blogs
· Talking with other people about subjects I feel qualified about
· Organizing, checking things off my to-do list
· (Once I get out) – running, walking in nature, ‘enjoying God’

It is then suggested obviously that we provide time for doing these things. Doing our FUN things makes us happy. I have been finding that with myself. If I can get a little bit of me time each day (usually during Mitchell's nap) then I am a much happier person. And so far so good.

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