Friday, February 18, 2011

You should know LOAD day 18

Today's prompt was five things for Friday so I was inspired to get my layout for Yesterday & Today Wk5 done. It's a great class but the layouts are requiring a bit more thinking so I have some catching up to do...

Journaling reads: 1. I went skydiving when I was in university but the thought of bungee jumping terrifies me 2. I travelled after university and visited 13 countries in 31 days 3. When I travel I like to discover someplace new 4. I believe in God and everlasting life and I have a daily relationship with Him but I am often afraid to evangelize 5. When I am mad I like to organize or clean 6. Sometimes I overextend myself 7. I love to read. I love to read. I love to read. 8.I would like to own a snake one day even though I run from the room when I see one on TV 9.I have had dogs, cats, geckos, squirrels, mice, fish, rats and fire-bellied toads for pets 10. I am more of a night owl 11.I find it hard to watch TV without doing something else 12. I have to see the end of the movie no matter how lame it is 13. I once stole gum from the neighbourhood store and my mom made me return it 14.I did a speech on how we moved our playhouse and won 15.My dad had cancer when I was in kindergarten 16.I won best girl award when I graduated from elementary school 17.I run from the room when I see sharks on TV 18. I didn`t learn to ski until after I was married and no I don`t just `trust` that easily 19.I was a very picky eater until I lived in Europe for 3 months in highschool 20.I deeply regret not learning more Spanish when I had the chance 21.My favourite meal is beef stroganoff and peas or roast lamb 22.My favourite candy is sour soothers - but they have to be the right kind 23. My family drove across the United States to California without air conditioning 24. I sometimes “spave” – spend money to save money 25. I like to be resourceful – to the extent that sometimes I hoard things I may not use 26. Finding LOST items makes me really happy. 27. My middle name is JOY but I sometimes have trouble showing it. 28. I got 100% in grade 9 typing class. 29. I dream of owning some chickens one day. 30. If I can’t get to sleep I will use an eye mask and it usually works like a charm 31. Love love love to document our history. 32 I have a terrible memory 33. I make very ambitious To Do lists 34. I wonder what life would have been like if I stayed in Europe longer after university 35. I was once engaged to someone else 36. I love to explore God’s beauty in nature 37. My husband is my best friend 38. I am so glad to be alive and have the life I do. Me at 38. 2011.2.18.

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