Monday, February 28, 2011

you light our world - LOAD211 Day 28

Finished! I can't say that this one followed the prompt (to do something we wouldn't have done a onth ago as a result of this challenge) but it was a quickie that has been hanging around for too long.

It is a scraplift but I can't find the source. Font: CK Twiggy

Journaling reads: When I look at this picture I see a side I rarely see. You look so introspective. So serious. So solemn.. You are frequently shy when in new situations or with other people and I know you like to stick close. I know I push you to try new things that aren’t always comfortable. This picture shows me that contemplative side. But you are so much more. You have such an inner beauty and sparkle that is waiting to explode. You shine baby and you light up our world. You mean so much to us.
Don’t ever forget it.

What meant from this layout is that too often I don't see this side because I am behind her pushing her to try new things. When I saw this photo it gave me an idea of how she is sometimes feeling.

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