Monday, May 3, 2010

He slept on his own!

whew! I just got a few hours where Mitchell slept in the stroller bassinet - inside! This is like the second time that this has happened - he has slept outside at the park but most of the time here
  • dusted the first floor
  • put away my and household laundry
  • finished zucchini cake
  • tidied first floor
  • tidied master bedroom
  • sorted some clothes given and loaned to Mitchell
  • drain treatment (again!) for the master sink
  • reorganizedMarlee's closet to allow space for (some of) Mitchell's things

And where were the kids during this? Playing with Bendaroos, making a scavenger hunt for Kyra with the playdough eggs and then playing with playdough. And now, we are doing tidy up and about ready for lunch and Mitchell is about done his! Let's hope the afternoon goes just as well!

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