Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Load Day 3 and 4

Day 3's layout


Paper - GM designs
Ribbon - ami collifello - round with ribbon (Pixel gypsy design)
font - CK leisurely

Day 4 Challenge: "Create a layout with cardstock only, no patterned paper, no embellishments, no doo-dads. You can use letter stickers or stamps or letter rub-ons and a pen and ONE other thing (but not patterned paper)".

I pretty much did followed this challenge - before even reading the prompt. Yey me! It's a daily adventure to see how I'm going to use the VERY limited time I have to actually scrapbook. On the surface it would seem I have a lot of free time - I am at the laptop it seems all day long. However I also have this little one attached to me - literally - most of the time. Scrapbooking doesn't seem to be lending itself to one finger typing. I did have Drew load Photo shop on to the laptop but I haven't been able to coordinate all of the flash drives and photo CD's and all that to actually use it yet. Maybe one day soon?

Anyway, enough of that - I did manage to finish this layout with only a few comments from Drew - yes I had to come back twice (11:30 to put the stickers on and scan and then 12:00 to upload) after thinking I had Mitchell down for a little bit. But no. Mitchell has this thing with not wanting to sleep in the evening (any time after 5pm?) and also with major power feeding. He also won't stay with Drew for any extended length of time. What can I say - I know he loves me and only I can provide for him right now? I know that all too soon this will change and he'll "love" other people too. Somehow that doesn't quite sound right...

Here is Day 4 - Simply irresistible

I think I'm going to go back and see if I can move the letter stickers. I couldn't space them out as much as the original design once I got going but now I'm thinking....

Sources: Bazzill Basics paper, letter stickers unknown and chipboard letters? dollarstore.
Scraplifted from scrapbooks etc July 2007 p 104

And to answer the other Cardstock questions:

1. In terms of base coloured cardstock - I tend to match the photos but my favourites tend to be neutrals 9 black, white and tan of some sort.

2. Yes I try to match some elements of the photo with the cardstock.

3. Sometimes I mat sometimes I don't. I'd say more often I do.

4. I'm an 8.5 x 11 more often if I want to print out the journaling on the paper or run something through the computer. I'll often put the 8.5x11 on a 12x12 background after I've printed. If I have more photos I tend to be a 12x12.

5. If I had to choose one colour cardstock - I'm ALWAYS using white. For journaling, for matting for background. That would have to be it.

There you have it!


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