Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memory Monday - TV

Drew and I caught up on Lost's final episode tonight. It was really good but I have to admit that I still have more questions then answers. I'm glad that it brought closure to the series and I was so happy to see all the different people come back together. The ending wasn't what I anticipated but Drew says he thought it would end that way. No spoilers here though.

Following this blogger's lead, it made me reflect on other tv series that we have watched that have come to a close and think about how they ended. It is so much better when the series actually ends rather then being cancelled. The shows are such a part of your life that it almost seems like you know the characters. At the time you think about how much you will miss it. And yet time goes on and now it is difficult to even remember what we watched.

Some of my favourite shows that had closure: Dawson's Creek; Everwood; Alias; ER (great finale!)

Book series: Left Behind

Some shows I wish had "ended": Dirty Sexy Money... and I know there are more but I can't remember! Maybe Memory Monday will help me!

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