Sunday, May 30, 2010

Run Drew Run!

We are back from our marathon weekend away. Well half marathon that is. I'm not sure in all honesty whether Drew really enjoyed having us there with him but we are proud to say that he completed the half marathon in Ottawa yesterday.

He and Glenn ran 1 hour 49 minutes and 33 seconds. He was 1959th out of all 9207 participants. 1481st out of 3876 men; 284th out of 691 men (aged 35-39).

Can you see them in the picture?

Can you still see them?

And still?

It's been a long time since I've travelled with an infant and this was a big learning curve. It took us considerably longer to get there and back then we had anticipated - primarily because Mitchell does not seem to like his car seat.
THIS is typical:
I should have thought about the fact that he slept ALL morning (5 hours actually) and tried to keep him awake. We were just too busy trying to get to see Drew and all the excitement following. We weren't sure where we would be able to see them and spent some time wandering around. We finally settled on teh bridge. In hindsight, nwext time we will scope out a spot all togther. Still, we saw them and it was good.
Afterwards we had planned to stay late at the hotel and swim some more but the pool was closed for maintenance. We ended up not having to pay a late fee and headed out. Of course he woke up shortly thereafter and while we wanted the kids to see the Parliament buildings before we left we settled in a parking lot to feed while the kids went on a short tour. They got snack foods. 45 minutes later we drove by the buildings with Mitchell starting to fuss in the back.

But they did see them...

And then we were off.

We had to make a few pit stops... one of which was the side of the road...

A few more in between and then the Big Apple.

Where we showed some sibling love at the bottom!

And some love at the top!

And while I was feeding Mitchell...

A whole lot of mini golf poser shots (no mini golf played mind you!). It's great what fun you can have with a camera (and spend A LOT of time doing!)

Sooooo, about 5 stops and 7.5 hours later we made it home. Pheww!

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