Wednesday, May 12, 2010

J is for Journaling - LOAD Day 12

Today is all about journaling...

Do you tend to tell stories or skip the journaling? A bit of both. Depends on the theme. A lot of my scrpabooking is single photos that I like - not necessarily a story with them more just a capturing of LOVE.
Do you handwrite or type your journaling? If I can use the computer I will. I don't HATE my handwriting but I don't liek tthe way it usually turns out - crooked, style changes halfway throough - you know what I mean.
Do you start with the journaling, or is it an afterthought? A little of both. Again, depending on the photo. I write a lot of little tidbits that the kids say but then forget where I put them or what context they were in. I need to get better at that.
Do you like a journaling box or lines, or do you like to go free-form? I prefer guiding lines - definitly!
Is your journaling a design element or is it just hanging there like a necessary but not too attractive page element? I try to make it balance - if there really isn't a spot for it I will tuck it behind or write on the back.

So I'm back! Done early and there is even some journaling on the page! TFL!

The journaling reads:

Sadly, we finally had to say goodbye to Cierra’s HM backpack this week. We purchased it at the beginning of the school year but slowly it has been deteriorating over the last while. First the handle came off, then the strap has just about come off, and finally the zipper pulled apart. To say it was loved would be an understatement. Cierra used it not only for school but no matter where we were going you could be sure that she would ask “Backpack?” Given the answer, you can be sure that all of the magazines, CD’s and movies that were current favourites would be stuffed in there to go wherever we were off to. Lately she has been asking for a New Moon one (which I have yet to see in the stores). We are thinking however, that at 20 we may go with a more subtle one - and one that might last a little longer. Rest assured though, HM will be missed.

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