Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2010 LOAD!!!

Yes I'm insane. I am going to make another go of it and try to do a layout a day for the next 31 days. With a 5 week old infant. Crazy. At least it felt like it yesterday when the little guy got no more then 10 minutes sleep at a time between 5 pm and midnight. Ahhh! It does make working on the computer a little difficult. Thank goodness for digital quick pages and templates. They will be my saving grace.

The format has changed this time around and involves looking at a blog rather then daily emails (that is if you want to follow the prompts - I don't usually as I often have something else in mind). I'd like to try to answer the questions though - it may lead to inspiration for another day.

Today, we are "to pick three adjectives to describe your scrapbooking, or what you’d like your scrapbooking to mean, represent, or include. Create a page with these adjectives as titles or journaling, or just incorporated into the creation of the page".

My immediate thoughts are "simple" and "sketches" as I don't like to get to busy on a page and I can't seem to create much on my own - I am a definite scraplifter - hey maybe that should be my 3rd word (and it goes with the "s" theme lol!) I'll continue to think about that.

Here are my pages for yesterday and today.

Day 1

Source: Katie Pertiet, Friends

Day 2:

Source: DAGI (


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