Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hearing test passed

Mitchell passed his follow-up hearing test yesterday. I was a little worried (just a teeny bit really) after the concert last week too. The music was quite loud even though I took precautions. Thankfully all is fine. He slept right through it like a charm.

The woman asked me about the other kids and if they had passed their tests at the hospital. Shamefully I couldn't remember, although upon further thought I don't recall going to the hospital for follow-up other then when Marlee was starting speech. Hopefully this blog will help me remember or at least keep track of some of these details a little better. Not that interesting for anyone else though - sorry!
On a side note - The woman wasn't at all put out by me asking to take a photo and said that some moms have even asked to take the electrode covers home. I couldn't ask after that although I do have them from other things that the kids have gotten done! Since I'm moving into more digital scrapbooking I'm beginning to reconsider the amount of "stuff" I sometimes save. Drew should be proud.

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