Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Drew!

Happy 38th to my Doo!

We had a rather low-key day. Drew left early to go for a 17k run (way to go!) and then came back to french toast and bacon by request. He speedily ate his down and then picked up Matt from his sleepover to take him to church so he could be there early for the play. Cierra and Mitchell and I then rushed to get to church on time and watched the performance. The kids did a great job - even better then yesterday. They seemed to be more confident and clear with their voices.

After church we stopped at the library quickly and then headed to lunch at Drew's request. He got a cool Adidas Star Wars t-shirt from Melissa and money to go towards his new barbq thta he'll be picking out soon. Otherwise he got wine gums from us. Both families were with us and we of course seemed to take over the place. We got home just before 4. Matt wanted to have a play date however no one was available so we all just hung out. I got some computer time! The kids and I headed to Macs for some milk. No one was hungry for dinner until later so of course they all got to bed late. As you can see, very low key - but I hope he was okay with that. Oh - and we didn't get the cake done in time so it will be iced and ready for bedtime snack Monday. It will be an interesting birthday creation - just wait and see!

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