Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

A while back I had talked about how cool the iphone was and how the few friends that had it really liked it. And how it might be cool to get. So then for Christmas or my birthday (?), Drew and the kids gave me Rogers gift cards to put towards an iphone. In typical fashion, I hummed and hawed about it, did some more research and decided that despite the cool gadgets and such, I really didn't use my current phone enough to warrant upping my monthly fees just to play with some doodads (as cool as they look). So we ended up using a majority of the cards towards renting movies and shows (Prison Break final season yah!)

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and we were at our niece/ cousin's 8th birthday party where she was touting the praises of the itouch. Of course I had no idea what this really was either. After some discussion, well the kids and I were hooked of course.

After a hint or two (although some Designer Digital gift certificates would have been fine too), surprise surprise - what did I get for Mother's day? I'm so spoiled! Thanks guys! Now I just have to figure out how to work out the account and all of our other ipods. The kids are using theirs increasingly so it looks like I might have to start a separate account. I'm not really sure why we can't have more then 4 "machines" on an account. It does make life more difficult around here.

Oh and remember MacGyver? I was so into that show! He was cute, so smart and the things he could do with bubble gum! Amazing! Well season 1 and 2 are now in my possession. I did ask Drew whether he was willing to watch them with me or if it was just going to be me. He assures me he'll watch them too. We were telling Matt about the show - I hope that it is old enough that perhaps the kids can watch it too. We will see.

Any other MacGyver fans? Remember the killer ant episode?

And another BTW - Drew had the itouch engraved saying Prov 31:29. Isn't that sweet?

I am now being called out to play hockey with Matt as we wait for Drew to return from his 18 km run. Mitchell is sleeping... I'd like to be getting rid of some paper piles... but it's time to be a mother right? (and the paper will STILL be there!)

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