Monday, May 3, 2010

Freak Fests!

It seems we've all been having our little freak fests this past week - hopefully we are on to calmer seas now. On Wednesday Drew was out and Matt was at play practice so I was on my own to get Marlee into bed. Quite suddenly I was exhausted so I thought I'd pretty much go to bed while snuggling with Marlee in our bed. She doesn't tend to quiet down well this way though and I was getting increasingly frustrated. Then Matt got dropped off and it got a little worse. Since I couldn't snuggle in two places at once I suggested he come to my bed too. But he doesn't like music to sleep to (and neither do I) although Marlee does. And the list went on. Finally I just had enough, sent Matt to his room and stomped off (quite literally) to Marlee's room to sleep. This naturally got her quite upset and after I'd taken a moment, I called her in and apologized. I forget sometimes how sensitive my Marlee-Moo can be.

Fast forward an hour when Drew got home and wanted to discuss the next day's plans (did I mention we were going to see Smitty???) which I was just too tired to discuss. So he turned on his heals and left.

Then fast forward to Friday when I failed to communicate and be available for communication (as I couldn't hear my phone) regarding picking Matt up from his play practice. After a long unneeded (is that a word?) discussion - conclusion? Yes My bad. But Drew did have a bit of a freak fest. My fault but he still had one.

Now on to yesterday - Matt woke up too late to eat breakfast with Drew and was not happy about it. He CRIED for 20 minutes! Then in the evening he was"angry" (again crying for 15 minutes) because I said we couldn't go ahead and have Drew's birthday cake without him (he was late golfing) - even though I had said earlier we would have some.

So, other then Marlee it seems we all had some freaking we had to get out of us. We have all seemed to survive - let's hope we are done that for a while.

It seems to be a combination of control (or lack of) or not liking or dealiing well with change. Now the question becomes how do we deal with it?

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