Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mitchell is 2 months old!

Another month flown by!

Mitchell is now weighing is at 12lbs 5 oz and measures 61.5 cm long (May 17th).

Exciting things this month?
  • Your first concert - MW Smith at Queensway cathedral. You pretty much slept through it but everyone enjoyed themselves. And yes we added some ear protection.
  • You had your first minor cold ( runny noes and the odd sneeze but not much more)
  • We celebrated daddy's birthday and saw Matt in his play production at church.
  • You had your hearing checked - all is good (May 3rd)
  • We got together with Uncle Sean and his family (May 15th)
  • We had a visit with Scott, Tawnya and James (16th)
  • We celebrated Cierra's birthday (20 on the 19th)

You are still preferring to spend most of your time with mommy. We have fussy periods later at night but you are having a hard time going down on your own. You have slept once or twice on your own during the day. We tend to snuggle together and cluster feed in the late evenings until mommy goes to bed (and sleeping with us allows mommy some sleep too). Daddy is lots of help but you often don't want him. We are using cloth diapers and they are working well but you pee A LOT! We are also trying EC - lots of successes but it isn't always easy to read your cues. We aren't on much of a schedule but mommy enjoys using the laptop so we can spend lots of time together. We get out to walk every day to get the other kids from school. You enjoy the clings and Andrea's flat stroller that you can lie down in. I wouldn't say that you have much of a routine at this point. You are certainly loved from all around though!

[Journaling added Feb 9, 2011!]

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