Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby equipment essentials

This post got me thinking about the baby paraphenilia that we have/ have not been using with Mitchell, our third. As I've previously mentioned, there are a number of things that we are doing a little differently, but now that we are pretty much established at the 6 month mark I thought I'd compare our items to hers...

Baby Items Used

0-3 months

- Family Bassinet (2x)
- waterproof crib pad
- mini water proof pad (kushies and wipe off ones)
- bed rail
- pack and play
- receiving blankets
- light weight blankets
We decided we weren't going to go with the crib this time, primarily because we don't have a specific place to put it and secondly because we wanted to go with a more "attachment" model. When needed we will hope to use the pack and play.

- mainly separates – s/s onsies and t-shirts, some pants (primarily for EC – easily taken off)
- l/s for sun exposure
- light weight hoody
- hat
- bibs! (Velcro or snap – no ties)
- Socks in early spring
- (Warm so no shoes, heavy clothing)

- Munchkin Bums diaper service that picks up and drops off the diapers.

Mitchell tends to pee a lot and with attempting EC he is changed frequently. The diaper service does well but I often need back-ups before I get replenished.
- kushies, kooshies covers - probably about 15 (all used (.50 - $3 each)
- 3 bummies (purchased through the diaper service)
- 1 Flip expandable cover (16.95) (I like theirs the best so far) Flip also has an easy "growable" diaper that I like as well. I purchased 2 to try them out at 6.95 each.
- 6 "prefolds" from Sears that are simply white flannel receiving blankets (6/8.95).
- simple folded receiving blankets work in a pinch
- Vaseline
- Home made bum wipes from old receiving blankets
- Cloth change pads (used on bed, counter, wherever needed - I no longer use my actual change pad or dresser. The pool table has come in handy (great height) and just using a fabric change pad wherever we are works well. I thought I would use our upstairs bathroom counter but it hasn't proven practical - although it is good for using after he is bathed)
- Baby bjorn potty
- Mini squirt bottle with water for wipes
- Hand sanitizer
- Olive oil
- Diaper service provided diapers, diaper bag/ pail liner and diaper pail

Feeding/ Nursing
- Reusable breast pads (twice)
- Lanolin cream (first week)
- Dr Newman’s cream (first week)
- Nursing bras, regular bras

Bathing/ Cleansing/ Hygiene
- bathroom sink
- baby washcloths
- Johnson’s baby wash
- Olive oil
- Nail clippers

- car seat system
- basic frame stroller
- 3 wheeled stroller
- lay flat stroller
- ring sling
- Little Star sling
- Kangaroo wrap
- Back pack aka diaper bag

- swing
- material archway toy – 5x?
- bouncy chair 5x?
- stuffed animals – for posing and to look at

- baby monitor


3-6 months (as above except for noted changes below)

- + bed rail x2 (for our bed)
- pack and play (started for nap and bed time at 5.5 months)

Still the same – rarely bottoms, no full sleepers
- Sunglasses

We are still using the diaper service and all previously mentioned supplies. He hasn’t had any diaper rash – have used Vaseline and oil to keep soft

Feeding/ nursing
- Nursing bras
- Nursing undershirt (made my own*)
- Nursing tank
- Nursing t-shirt
- Receiving blanket
- Started solids at 5 months 2 weeks – using homemade food
- food mill
- IKEA kids bowls, cutlery (colour system will continue to work well with our family)
- IKEA vinyl wipe-off bib
- Breast pump

Bathing/ cleansing
Same - still using bathroom sink
- finger toothbrush

- car seat system
- basic frame stroller
- 3 wheeled stroller – finally got air in the tires!
- Little Star sling
- Kangaroo wrap
- Back pack aka diaper bag
- Ring sling – washed and not put back together
- borrowed a backpack carrier but haven't used it yet

- swing (outgrown at 4.5 months - wriggling too much)
- archway toy with toys attached (pulling it over at 5 months)
- chewy toys
- links
- bumbo chair (retired at 5 months 1 week)
- exersaucer
- DVD Praise Baby
- soft and board books at bed time (pretty grabby)

- baby monitor x2 (upstairs and downstairs)
- soother (for car**)

I just made up a chart to go through all of his clothing to see what we have and will still need to get. We have been really blessed with a lot of hand-me-downs so far and surprisingly I have a fair number of Matt's clothes left, in particular for the 18 month stage. I hope to continue to keep that area pretty simple. So far I am mostly surprised at the number of "entertainment" items we have for him. The house seems to have turned into baby central as much as we have tried to be simple. Why is it that all things baby take up so much space?

**He hasn't really taken to the soother. He used it for a week or two and then abandoned it.

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