Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like clean floors

Today I learned that I really like a clean matter how long it lasts (and around here that is not long).

It was a bit of a frustrating day around here. I think it all started when Mitchell stirred around 7:30 am. Lately he's been doing that but then I nurse him a bit and he has been staying alseep until 9ish. This morning I was thinking that he might be needing to pee and also wondering how this timing is going to work once school starts next week. So I peed him - and then he was up. And then when he was showing signs of tiredness around 9 am he only fell back asleep for about 1/2 hour. Not nearly long enough. I tried several times over the course of the day but basically,between interruptions and not really getting upstairs when he needed me to, he didn't end up getting a good nap until 3:30. Then he slept for an 2 hours. Pheww. He AND I needed that. I think he got a total of 20 minutes in there around noon.

Let's just say it made me a little crusty. And the kids paid for it, well Drew too but we're not going there. I had promised the kids that they could swim when he went down (he had been miserable while I made lunch so once it was made and served we high tailed it upstairs). The kids then all got ready to swim and then he woke up. Ahh! Well long story short we made it through and I was glad when he finally went down and stayed down. Funnily (is that a word?) the kids asked for some "quiet time" where they could watch some tv while I took him to bed. Are they in tune or what (nudge nudge wink wink!)

So where is this all going? When he finally went down to sleep my precious time was used doing the dishes and loading the dishwasher, putting all of the swim clothing away, sweeping the floor and quickly washing it, serving more snack, sweeping the floor again, saying goodbye to the kids and talking with the diaper lady and then, then, since he was still sleeping !!!! I went to work on the downstairs computer - where I got literally 14 minutes before he woke up. Amazing. But you know what? The floor did it. I know it got dirty only 10 minutes afterwards but it brought such satisfaction that it was actually cleaned.

I know. Sometimes it is just the small things. Now if I can get the little guy to sleep with all the hub bub around here!

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