Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sometimes honesty surprises people...

The other day I relayed that I felt I was a better mom sometimes when I was watching other people's children. They were taken aback by my honesty. And yet it is true. I play more. I watch the way I talk to the kids more. I am nicer. Don't get me wrong. I think in the scheme of things I am a pretty good mom. But I tend to yell. I tend to get impatient. I get sidetracked easily. And I've been finding that having other kids around I am more attentive. Sad but true. So what do I take from this? I do have what it takes to do both. I can take the time to meet my own kids needs when it needs to be done. My stuff will still wait. And if talking rather then yelling works with my kids when there are others around well, it should work when they aren't. Sometimes it seems like it doesn't - but is that them or is it me? I am learning that I need to at least make the effort to find out.

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