Friday, September 24, 2010

6 months - half a year - 24 weeks -

You name it he's there. As with all milestones it is hard to believe we are here already. So what are we up to these days?
  • weight - 19 lbs 5 oz (Oct 3)
  • length - 26,75"
  • full of laughs, giggles, chatter and the like
  • has started solids (carrots, banana, peas, cauliflour)
  • has cut his first 2 teeth (September 23)
  • just "itching" to crawl
  • has graduated from the bumbo chair (at 5 months - trying to flop out the sides) and the arch toy
  • wearing some short 3 month clothes and more 6 month clothes
  • started a semi sleep routine ( 2 weeks and still working on regular am nap, semi regular aft nap and down for early evening; still working on early am)
  • EC going strong - consistently dry for 2 hours each am; pooping regularly at this time
  • loves playing in the sand, on the floor and in the exersaucer
  • still mama's boy although he goes well to other people
  • quite a famous dude around school due to his pumpkin hat and sunglasses

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