Monday, September 6, 2010


While it is sometimes hard to get out the door, visiting with friends is always worth it.

We lead busy lives. Anyone who knows us knows that. Sometimes it doesn't feel like it but other times whoa! When does the train stop? We often have to make dates well in advance but lately it seems that we have been able to be a bit more spontaneous with doing things with only a few days notice. We were invited out for the afternoon and yes I was lookin gforward to it. Today comes along, the weather was bleak, the kids were still away and as often happens, I found myself dragging my heels. There is always stuff to do here. It's not always my comfort zone. I'm feeling lazy. But we went. We picked up the kids and we had a great time. Good company, good conversation, good times. And we always do.

So why the resistance sometimes? That I'd like to know.

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