Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am a lot more dependent on my microwave then I thought I was...

It is a lot more difficult and time consuming to reheat food without a microwave. But not impossible.

I'm not sure that I would have fulfilled this "Wanna Do" had the microwave not broken down but I will say that one week is definitely long enough to be without. Drew is hoping to get a new one tomorrow. I know environmentally/ health-wise and all that it is probably not in our best interest to have a microwave but it sure is convenient. When you don't have one it makes you think twice about how much food you are preparing at one time and whether that will mean leftovers (we usually prepare lots in order TO have leftovers. Not so much without a microwave though). Like reheating plain pasta or a tabelspoon of baby food? Not the greatest. But then hey - we have food, we have a stove and oven and I should really not complain. Really!
(But I will be ready to welcome our new friend).

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