Sunday, September 19, 2010

One person really can make a difference...

We went to the annual Terry Fox Run today and again saw what a difference one person can really make.

We've been going with team Adidas since 2006 and this is the first year that Jan and Melissa were away. I find I am getting more and more into it as each year passes. Ever since Matt started learning about Terry Fox in school, I've seen him as a hero in the eyes of the kids. It may also be the Thunder Bay connection. We have made a point of stopping at the memoriam there for the last few years as well (except this year with Mitchell - we were on a roll) and it allowed me to learn more about him. Seeing his statue there makes it it home. I actually get a lump in my throat every time we drive by. He has become such a hero in the eyes of Canadians - and now mine as well.

The day turned out really nicely and it was great to see so many people take part. They always have an opening ceremony and then a warm-up exercise, and since this year was the 30th anniversary, they released some pigeons. One lady sang an amazing song about his life. Matt's teacher from last year is one of the organizers and that has been a big hit to see her there. We get one-of-a-kind team shirts from Adidas and Melissa has shared one with her as well - another great connection.

We caught up with a few people we haven't seen in a while

finished respectfully

and then headed to church (lots of comments on our "team shirts" - which helps when you come in late =]).

As for the rest of the days events...

Drew had to work after church so the kids and I grabbed lunch at McDonald's (didn't I say I wouldn't eat there anymore?) [note: it has been less!]. We didn't have time to get all the way home before the baby shower at church so we stopped at the skateboard park to watch while we ate. The kids have been wanting to do that for ages.

I was pleasantly surprised. The language was okay and the kids were very impressed at the various skill levels. I had some good conversations with Matt - he would love to be able to do what they do, and thought that they were quiet "smart". We discussed what that meant to him - skill wise of course. It was a good learning time to show that only about half were wearing helmets and hardly, if any were wearing wrist guards. I hope those lessons last.

We then headed to mom and dad's to drop off the kids and pick up mom. While we were getting in, Cierra accidentally let out the dog. She is a runner and immediately dashed into the street. SCREEEEECHH!! My heart was pounding! We were able to get her back safely, thanks to another dog owner who was walking his dogs. She tends to run when approached so I don't know what I would have done! One lady stopped her car while I was at the corner and yelled at me saying" that dog is going to get hit by a car!!!". Um really? Do you think I meant for this to happen? Another reminder to calm down and think before speaking. I was not impressed. After going over the "next time..." with the kids we were on our way.

We celebrated the birth of a little boy at church with a shower. About 20 ladies showed up and I got some more great ideas for gifts (homemade bibs out of hand towels, animal scrapbook, books). If only money was no object. I gave my baby bag of favourites (more on that later) and always have more then I need to add to it but sometimes some variety might be nice! Mom made a Raggedy Andy (I think she said she's done about 100??? - wow!). I do love attending these showers - such a great way to get to know people better and be a part of the larger church family. I wish more ladies realized or felt comfortable in coming out even if they don't know the individual. Mitchell and this little guy are going to grow up together so I'd like them to spend time together!

After the shower we went back for a birthday dinner in my honour. Poor Mitchell was quite over tired by this point but we managed to have a good time with good eats (beef stroganoff and chocolate cake - yum!) and family and fun (the kids do love that "secret hiding place"!) Mom and dad gave me an exercise outfit so I think I will now pass on my black hoody. We then had to return to lunches and clean up at home though so the kids were into bed lickety split and off we went to bed. Another weekend gone in a flash.

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