Monday, September 27, 2010

You can get a lot more done when you wake up before the kids...

It's just not that easy when they keep beating you to the punch.

I HAVE to get up with Cierra at 6am. In the past I would get up, make sure she was "moving" and then go back to bed for 8 minutes until my alarm went off again. This would repeat until she was ready to go downstairs. This year, since school has started I have been determined to get up when she gets up and have some quiet time, some reflection time, read and prepare for the day. It worked well for 2 days. Now between Matthew and Mitchell I can't seem to get up early enough. And with Mitchell still up at least once in the night... well let's just say 6 am is quite early enough. Unless I'm being told otherwise. Please no!!!!

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