Monday, September 20, 2010

My signature style...

of gift-gving is becoming well known.

And I think I get it from my mother. Yesterday at the baby shower I gave my baby bag of favourites. Part of it was a homemade scrapbook to be used for favourite photos. I've given this a number of times and get rave reviews each time. And then my creativity gets credited to my mom, who traditionally gives a Raggedy Ann or Andy. I think they are right. My mom is quick to point out that she could not do scrapbooking and I am quick to point out that I don't have the patience to sew in the ways that she does.

But I think the two mediums are still related. She is definitely "Crafty" and I suppose that means I get my craftiness, although different, from her. She certainly exposed us kids to lots of different crafts growing up. I can remember her silk screening cards at Christmas, making banners for church, making box costumes for Halloween and play, macrame, potting, always sewing - costumes for plays at church or Halloween, clothes for us and herself, - you name it. From an early age we usually made homemade gifts for relatives, like leaf mobiles, place mats and other crafts. So yes, I think the skill and desire has been passed on. Now as a frugal adult, I also value the art of giving homemade and personal, if not clutter free gifts.

My gift yesterday included the scrapbook (20, 12x12 general pages that could house favourite photos for things like bath time, sleep, play etc); a mommy hook; and IKEA kids dishes (plates, cups and bowls). I usually include a note about the items and why they are favourites as well as a how-to for the album. It is all put together in a gender appropriate reusable shopping bag.

If money were no object, some other favourites I might include would be:
  • a digital timer with clip
  • bibs with velcro
  • a Praise Baby DVD
  • a food mill for baby food
  • an eye mask
  • large receiving blankets
Depending on the age of the baby at the time of the shower (and their living practices as I know them) I'll sometimes include info about the local OEYC, the cloth diapering service and a re-usable cover, the local consignment stores and other "tips" I have found helpful.

So far these gifts seem to have been well-received and well, I enjoy putting them together so that is half of it!

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