Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer comes to a close

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new school year. It seems odd but the weather has changed just in the last few days - maybe just to get us all in the mood for change. I don't know. I think it helps. It is always hard to go back when the weather is beautiful and warm. I know that we will get some more nice weather but it seems to make it easier to go back when the air is more crisp and cool.

The lunches are made, the outfits are out, the bags are ready at the door. The morning expectations have been discussed. We will see what tomorrow brings.

It will certainly mean changes. Marlee goes every day all day. She keeps saying she is not looking forward to it but we will see. I know that she will be separated from her best friend, who is in JK and will continue part time until next year. I wonder what it will mean for her. There were 4 grade one teachers last year, any of which will be good for Marlee - all quite different from each other but each with a strength that could work for Marlee. I've left it in God's hands as to who will be best for her. She is my homebody and if I were to consider home schooling it would be because of her. I'm praying she will find her niche and that she will soon enjoy school and learning and all that it can bring.

Matthew is excited to get back. he has missed his main friend for most of the summer. They were only able to get together for one play date over the summer and he even missed his birthday party because of family obligations. I do not know any of the grade three teachers so again, we are praying for a good match. I am also praying that he will be molded into the positive leader that I know he can be. He has been having some challenges at home lately with listening, with temper and with hands on. I am feeling the need to be firmer and more strict with him in order to curb this before it gets out of hand. I hope that he has a teacher that is clear with his/her expectations.

Cierra goes with the flow. She seems to be excited to go back but then she is always ready for the next thing to begin. She is already talking about camp next year (did she stop talking about it actually?). This will be her final year at highschool so talk of transition and what that means next year will be forefront. Her family is sure to be much more involved this year as well so that could mean more changes too. Time will tell.

So where did the summer go? Let's see. We checked quite a few things off our list. So I guess that is where. We visited quite a few new parks. We met with friends. We had a sleepover. We attended camp. We went up north. Cierra visited mom. Before you know it it went. Just like that.

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