Sunday, September 5, 2010

Routines sometimes take time to develop...

This is a lesson already learned and needing to be reminded. We are in a transition time with Mitchell's sleeping and probably will be for a little while. I need to remember that I have to keep on trying and that he will get used to our expectations as they become more familiar to him.

This evening actually went fairly well. I started with a bath (even though he usually has one in the morning I will try to sponge him down in the evening) and then a snuggle with a book. He wasn't overly interested in the book but I stayed in the chair to nurse him. When he was pretty much asleep I moved to the bed, continued nursing him and then left. I had to return only a few times and then he did stay in bed all night (this was all after 9pm). I think it may be a first. I hope to add the teeth brushing in there (first I have to find the tooth brush I bought - oops!). Again, the goal is to create a bed time where he is in bed from 7 or 8ish on.

This also means that I have to be more prepared for bed myself - earlier. Some nights I may find myself falling asleep while putting him to bed so I am getting changed and ready for bed earlier then usual. Downstairs needs to be ready. Teeth need to be brushed. This may actually be a good thing for my diet! I am also using my ipod again and using this time to catch up on all of the podcasts I've downloaded. I was watching tv but he seems to get more stimulated with the tv so another lesson learned... quietness and less disruptions are better. Now I just have to teach this to the kids. I really hope that this catches on quickly as it is harder on the other kids. I'm so glad that Drew is here and does the bedtime routine anyway with them but I like to be around for that too.

Back to the routines... I am so glad this worked out today! It allowed us to watch Date Night and The Last Song together with few disruptions (the younger kids were at the farm). Both were quite entertaining.

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