Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning can be confusing and contradictory...

I think it started with the desire to EC. That led to a book on attachment parenting which led to the desire to co-sleep, baby wear etc. Which has been fine until just recently. Mitchell has been "up" a few more times then necessary the last few nights - and using me more as a soother then actually being hungry. It has made me think that I am going about it a bit backwards. I am no longer getting the best sleep with co-sleeping and am realizing that nursing him to sleep is not the best plan - especially when looking at our goals in the future and having a good sleeper. So I thought I should do some more reading. Some more learning. So I am now on my third parenting book in the last week to see if they have any suggestions. And of course they do! It is only that they are all completely different from each other. And each time I read one I think it might be the one. How did I become so wishy washy? They each have their merits. But bottom line is, I am going to have to learn to make a decision, and make it fast. We are getting deeper and deeper into our [poor] habits and it "ain't lookin good!"

I think I am leaning more towards the Baby Whisperer style from where I am. After reading about one woman's success I started reading Baby Wise - TOTALLY against attachment parenting (almost funny actually) but I am still not into letting him cry it out. And so now I am reading about the baby whisperer who is in between. She has a few pages which (embarrassingly) describe me and how I have come from the two extremes. Yikes. But I will know more after I continue reading. And learning. In the meantime, I remain a little confused.

Hey - look what timely post I just got in my email! Oh and the big point that lept out? Uhhh - pray about it! Why did I need a reminder?

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