Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes unlearning is more difficult then learning...

Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday me! I reflected on this day last year and today was the day that I found out that Mitchell (gender unknown) was in fact a viable baby. It was a neat day to say the least. We hadn't told anyone - and didn't plan to for a while (I think I was 12 weeks??) anyway, we had previously lost 2 so this was a bit of a surprise and it was still surreal.

Jump forward to today and I spent most of the day re-working Mitchell's routine. We (or should I say I) decided that as much as I like the sound of Attachment Parenting and all that it entails, co-sleeping with a rolling 6 almost 6 month old wasn't working out that well. That and the nursing to sleep every time.

As I have discussed before, the books I had read each have had their merits but we decided (yes after prayer) on the Baby Whisperer method. As she explains, she is middle ground. Without getting into all of the details (maybe later), I will say that it went well. We did go through some crying and that was tough. But I was with him and I feel good about that. Each time he went to sleep it was in fact easier and acheived more quickly. I did pray at this time A LOT. Mitchell last went down at 8pm within 5 minutes. It was really nice. I anticipate (according to the book) that he will wake up soon and I will have to intervene but we are on our way. And who would have thought I'd be here a year ago. So much change - and now here we are unlearning our bad habits and [hopefully] learning better, more improved habits. We will see.

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